BAQMG Bucks Air Quality Management Group
Bucks WI give ‘thumbs up’ for Air Quality  Bucks Air Quality Management Group were pleased to take part in the Bucks area Women's Institute Environment Conference on the 15th of April 2002 with a promotional display an introduction to the web site. The WI provided an overwhelming response to a short questionnaire on air quality awareness with very pleasing results for the county. 36% of the respondents came from the Wycombe district area, with 33%, 25% and 6% coming from Chiltern, Aylesbury Vale and South Bucks districts. Subjective opinion of Air Quality The questionnaire sought general opinion on the perceived quality of the air in the respective Buckinghamshire areas, and awareness of air quality monitoring and information. The unanimous opinion was that subjectively the air quality for all areas of Bucks are generally 'good'. Awareness of the existence of air quality monitoring was not so good, with most attendees being unaware of monitoring in the districts Many practical ideas on how to improve Air Quality were also put forward during the day, and include: · Shift goods transport to rail · Improve traffic flow · Remove older vehicles from the road · Improve public transport · Vehicles to turn engines off when waiting · Cleaner busses and public vehicles · Use alternative fuels · Car sharing schemes Many thanks to the Bucks area WI for such an enthusiastic response.