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Monitoring Passive diffusion tube. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive device consisting of a plastic tube which can be attached to street furniture (e.g. a street light) allowing a sample of air to be collected (over a recorded exposure period) by diffusion into the sampler. The tubes are sealed and then sent off for quantitative analysis. They give a good general indication of average pollutant levels. Automatic real-time monitor. This produces high-resolution measurements over short averaging period e.g. 15 minutes. The air sample is analysed on-line and in real-time. This method offers continuous data, which identifies peaks and troughs during a short period e.g. 24 hours. OZONE & BENZENE · Ozone arises from chemical reactions (driven by sunlight) between oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons derived mainly from vehicle exhausts. These reactions may take place over long periods and thus, ozone produced at one site may be carried for considerable distances. Because of its transboundary nature ozone is very difficult to control and there is, therefore, currently no air quality standard for this pollutant in the UK. Despite this, ozone can be a problem particularly in the hot, sunny months of the summer and when the winds originate from the east. During these conditions, so-called ozone episodes may occur anywhere in the UK. · Benzene is a hydrocarbon resulting mainly from the use of petrol and oil. Background Legislation · The U.K Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions introduced a National Air Quality Strategy. It sets out specific air quality standards and objectives for air pollutants, which are to be achieved by 2005. · The Environment Act (1995) requires all Local Authorities to undertake an air quality review and assessment. In areas where the air quality objectives are not anticipated to be met by the year 2005, LAs are required to establish Air Quality Management Areas.
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Within Bucks we have a number of continuous monitors. Use the tabs to explore information about the current and historic air pollution levels in the local authority areas.