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2016 Air pollution is linked to arpproximately 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK, with both policy makers and the public urged to do more. Government launch Air Quality Action Plans EU inquiry into alleged breaches of car emissions tests  (BBC NEWS ARTICLE) Archive Developments 2015 BAQMG relaunch Bucks Air Qualiity Website BETA site Defra Review of Air Quality Policy 2011 These items have now been archived. 2010 These items have now been archived. 2009 Jim Fitzpatrick calls for local action to improve air quality Air Quality in Europe First "summer smog" of 2009 warning Defra submits UK application to the European Commission for an extension to meet PM10 air quality limits Publication of the Air Quality Expert Group’s report Ozone in the UK Improving air quality: Revised guidance for local authorities Defra publishes annual report on local authority industrial pollution regulation Air quality indicator for sustainable development 2008 final results 2008 Summary of 2008 News 2007 Air quality indicator for sustainable development England’s trees key to future well-being Annual update of the state of our environment, society and economy 2006 England’s trees key to future well-being Summer Smog Warning Buncefield investigation board Russian fires affecting UK air quality   2005 Bucks & Milton Keynes Air Quality Strategy Air Quality Progress Reports 2005 Hemel Hempstead explosion Update on Local Transport Plan 2   2004 New to BAQ.net - measurements of ozone in the atmosphere from NASA.   2003 Wycombe DC gets glowing report from DEFRA for its Air Quality Action Plan BAQMG joins forces with ‘Egeneration’ to help promote sustainable business Milton Keynes introduce ‘Car Share & Alternative Fuel Vehicle Permits’ BAQMG begin work on the Updating & Screening Assessment   2002 Cut Your Engine – Cut Pollution! Bucks WI give ‘thumbs up’ for Air Quality 50th Anniversary of the Great Smog   2001 New entry into annual website review