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Action for Aylesbury Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) is working closely with Buckinghamshire County Council to encourage everybody to take ‘Action for Aylesbury’ and get involved in improving your local environment. To ensure that Aylesbury remains an enjoyable place to live everyone needs to consider their carbon emissions. By walking, cycling, car sharing and using public transport we can all help reduce pollution and improve air quality throughout your community. As part of taking Action for Aylesbury, we should also be thinking about where we shop (using local producers and outlets where possible), and what we do with our waste (recycling and composting where we can). It is also a perfect opportunity to get fitter and more healthy by engaging in more physical activity. Family Fun Day  On the 12th June 2010, Action for Aylesbury joined forces with Cycle Aylesbury to hold a family fun day launch event in Vale Park . Events and activities enjoyed by those who attended included:  mountain bike stunt displays, Jazzercise taster sessions and children’s entertainment. Attendees were also able to receive free bike health checks and personal travel planning advice, as well as enjoying food and drink from local producers and providers. Following the event 1000 residents in the vicinity of the Tring Road Air Quality Management Area received Personal Travel Packs containing detailed information on local cycle routes, bus & train services, footpaths, car sharing & school travel planning. Travel Pioneers The next  phase of the Action for Aylesbury campaign will be to recruit a number of Travel Pioneers; local residents who currently travel into Aylesbury  by car who will pledge to change their mode of transport for a fixed period.  We want Pioneers to try cycling, taking the bus, car sharing  or walking  instead of driving into the town every day. We will ask them to chart their progress  and experiences in the form of a ‘blog’ on the campaign website. In exchange, on completion of their trial period, we will reward them with a free bike, annual bus pass or equivalent. Business Breakfast We will also be holding a drop-in Business Breakfast event in Aylesbury.  Local businesses will be invited to come along, enjoy a free breakfast and gain advice about business travel planning, and local sustainable travel options for employees. .
BAQMG Bucks Air Quality Management Group