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Air Quality Action Plan 2010 In July 2005 an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) was formally declared along a section of the A41 Tring Road as a result of a likely exceedence of the annual mean air quality objective for NO2. As a result we were required to produce an Action Plan setting out measures the authorities intended to introduce to achieve compliance with the air quality objective   Since this time we have declared two further AQMAs (due to a likely exceedence of the annual mean air quality objective for NO2); one in the town centre gyratory system (Stoke Road AQMA), and one where Friarage Road and Oxford Road meet (Friarage Road AQMA). We are now required to produce Action Plans to address elevated NO2 concentrations in these areas. In order to address the increase in the number of AQMAs within the town centre, and the identification of further areas with elevated concentrations of NO2, it is considered appropriate to take a ‘whole town’ approach to an Air Quality Action Plan, rather than just focus on sections of individual roads. As such we have created one over‐arching Action Plan covering the whole of Aylesbury. This contains a number of town‐wide measures for improving air quality which will indirectly affect the specific areas declared as AQMAs. The plan also contains a number of more specific measures related to the individual AQMAs where appropriate. Our current Air Quality Action Plan was submitted to DEFRA in December 2010. A copy of this plan can be downloaded HERE
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