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Publication of the Air Quality Expert Group’s report Ozone in the UK The Air Quality Expert Group has produced a report on Ozone in the UK.   AQEG’s main functions are: to give advice to ministers on levels, sources and characteristics of air pollutants in the UK; to assess the extent of exceedences of Air Quality Strategy objectives and proposed objectives, EU limit values and proposed or possible objectives and limit values, where monitoring data is not available; to analyse trends in pollutant concentrations; to assess current and future ambient concentrations of air pollutants in the UK; and to suggest potential priority areas for future research aimed at providing a better understanding of the issues that need to be addressed in setting air quality objectives.   High ozone concentrations in the atmosphere near the ground are of concern because of potential effects on human health and damage to vegetation. Air quality strategies in Europe and elsewhere  in the world have been directed towards measures to limit ozone levels. However, ozone presents a difficult control problem because it is a gas created in the atmosphere and not one directly emitted from processes that can be regulated, and its creation can take place over a wide range of time and distance scales. This report by the provides scientific evidence to inform UK control strategies for ozone.