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BAQMG joins forces with ‘Egeneration’ to help promote sustainable business  BAQMG has joined forces with 'Egeneration', a new resource in the fight for sustainable business, providing free support and advice. It aims to help businesses become more sustainable and save money in the process and is produced by a collaborative partnership of South East organisations. The majority funding for Egeneration came from the Biffaward landfill tax credits scheme. The remainder was from other bodies, such as local authorities. Egeneration has been designed to help business by providing a wide range of information including: · Easy access to a wide range of sustainable business information in one place · Support from local providers through local programmes, helpdesk, FAQ's · Case Studies - to learn from other's successes · Choice of learning level from basic to intermediate to advanced · Provision of a resource bank enabling waste to be exchanged - your waste may be a resource to others · Information on how to reduce costs through resource efficiency measures · Benchmarking against best practice