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Local Children Identify Air Pollution In Lane End  Children at Francis Edmonds School in Lane End (Wycombe District) have been getting first hand experience in spotting air pollution. Following the recent 'Don't Choke Britain Campaign', Year 6 children spent two mornings learning about their environment and pollution. Through a series of experiments, the children were able to make 'air pollution panels' using simple materials. These were then placed at three different sites; Handy Cross, the school grounds, and along the Lane End section of the motorway. The effect of increased traffic and air pollution was much more easily understood when air pollution became visible - which the air pollution panels allowed. Other topics during the mornings included the effects of acid rain and trying to get oxygen from plants! Ben Coakley, Wycombe District Council's Air Quality Officer was very impressed with the interest that the children took in the activities. "With over 90% of the class regularly walking to and from school, it's clear that even at the early age of 11, most children have a good understanding and interest in their environment