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Pending Air Quality Management Area Decisions  The activities of Buckinghamshire residents do not only affect the immediate environment, but can also have an impact well beyond the county borders. Global problems represent the sum total of individual actions and decisions. Therefore the attitude to air quality in Bucks is “ Think Globally, Act Locally”. For this reason, in conjunction with the government ‘s Strategic Policies for Air Quality Management and Part IV of the Environment Act 1995, each District Council has undertaken a full review of the quality of air within their district. The reviews consider the air quality at the present time and the likely future air quality over defined periods of time. The results of the ‘review and assessment’ are divided into a possible maximum of 3 stages. The Stages represent a phased approach, from an initial screening process reviewing sources of pollution through to a detailed assessment using accurate monitoring, modelling and other techniques. Following the completion of the review and assessment it should be possible to highlight areas of concern that in the future may not pass the requirements for ‘clean air’. On this basis AQMA’s (Air Quality Management Area’s), will be designated, where air quality is a current or a potential future problem. Where AQMA’s are designated, local authorities will be required to prepare a written action plan to achieve set air quality standards and objectives in the designated areas. The various District Council’s have all completed their Review & Assessment’s on Air Quality. Following consultation on the reports a decision on the declaration of AQMA’s can be made. The results will be published on this site as soon as they are available