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Bucks Car Share If you are a commuter working in Buckinghamshire and you 'wish you were here', you could start to make it a reality just by changing the way you travel to work. It only takes a few minutes to register and it doesn't cost anything to join - but what you save could be enough to put you on that tropical beach! Most independent sources put the true cost of running a car at 40 pence per mile or upwards, depending on the vehicle. When they sit idling in congested traffic they are particularly inefficient. Yet every day, key commuter routes are bumper-to-bumper, no-one is getting anywhere quickly, and we are all paying for it. To the 40 pence per mile, add the pollution that damages our environment, the tension and frustration that damages our state of health, and the lost time for work - or indeed leisure - that makes our life more stressful. That holiday seems even more attractive now doesn't it? Everyone agrees - we've got to make a change. So Bucks County Council and Wycombe District Council have created a scheme to help busy commuters save money, time and effort on the journey to work in Buckinghamshire. It's called Bucks CarShare. Bucks CarShare offers commuters the chance to share their travel costs with others making similar journeys, with a minimum of effort. Just register your details confidentially with Bucks CarShare, and we'll search our database for other registered users, allowing you to make contact and arrange car sharing suited to your own specific needs. By sharing the journey, you can share the costs - and as well as a pleasant journey with your travelling companions, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the environment. For further information please visit the website at www.buckscarshare.co.uk