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Under pressure Air pressure is the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on the  earth. You may have seen the weatherman talking  about air pressure on TV during a weather  forecast. It is an important thing to know, as it  can actually determine the type of weather we  get where we live.  Air Pressure is measured by a barometer. You can see a barometer on the left. Barometers  may also use mercury in a glass column, like  a thermometer, to measure the change in air  pressure. When the weather is calm the  mercury in the barometer stays fairly low  against the measure. If a high pressure system is on its way, often you can expect cooler  temperatures and clear skies. If a low pressure system is coming, then  look for warmer weather, storms and rain.   Air pressure also changes with altitude. When you move to a higher  place, say a tall mountain in Scotland, air pressure actually decreases  because there are fewer air molecules as you move higher up.
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