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Air Quality in the Chiltern District is  Very Good!  We are lucky to have very low levels of  air pollution in our District and we do  our best to keep it that way. For most  people, pollution levels in  Buckinghamshire and the Chiltern  District are unlikely to cause any  serious health effect. However,  occasionally during particularly severe  pollution episodes; eye irritation or  coughing may be triggered. Certain sensitive individuals who are  more susceptible to respiratory pollution  may feel the effects more acutely, or at  lower levels. Sensitive people include  the very young, the elderly and those that  already suffer from asthma or respiratory problems. Please visit 'Health and Chemistry' for more information.  Schools and other groups can join in with the OPAL Air Survey, which  is running activities that will help us learn a lot more about the way  that the natural environment is affected by air pollution.  By getting  involved you can find out about impact of air pollution in the local area. Workbooks and recording sheets can be found on the website, as well  as a wealth of other information, including upcoming surveys on water,  biodiversity and climate.  . 
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