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Welcome to 'CLAIRE' - Chilterns Local AIR &  Environment Website. The site provides a wealth  of information suitable for all backgrounds and  ages on air quality. The site has been designed  following requests and feedback from local  schools interested in air quality and environmental issues and  residents that need more detailed information. The site aims to provide information on all aspects of air quality in the  Chiltern District and also how that fits into the bigger National picture.  Additional information on topics such as acid rain and global warming  are also provided as what we do in Chiltern also contributes to the  global atmosphere! The site is broadly divided into 2 main areas - Information for younger  audience or the 'Kids Zone' and the rest of the information that is  aimed at an older audience. For the younger audience we have  marked their areas with a small bumblebee for easy identification.   We have tried to make the site as  interesting as possible and  included all the areas that we get  asked about frequently. We have  also included things that you may  not be aware of and projects that  are taking place currently or will  be available soon. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the site. Ben Coakley CLAIRE PROJECT MANAGER  CHILTERN DC  . 
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