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Chiltern District Council promotes the use of sustainable forms of transport, such as walking, cycling, car sharing and using public transport, to access the Council Offices and travel further afield. Please use the following links to plan your journey: Traveline (link to has up to date details of every local bus, coach and train service in the country.  Also available by phone: 0871 200 2233 Traveline - South East (link to uage=en&timeOffset=15) is a direct link for journeys within South and East England. NextBus (link to is available on a number of bus routes where satellite tracking devices have been fitted which trace your bus's journey and shows exactly when your bus will be arriving.  This information is accessible via the internet or on your mobile phone via text message. To access via SMS you will require your unique 8 letter bus stop code. This can be found on the bus stop or on the web. Text your code to 84268. Transport Direct (link to offers information for door-to-door travel for both public transport and car journeys around Britain. The website provides comprehensive, easy-to-use travel information to help you plan your journeys effectively and efficiently. Chiltern Railways (link to services travel through the district, with stations available at Great Missenden, Amersham and Chalfont & Latimer.  Their website can help you plan your journey and pay for tickets. Transport for London (link to provides travel information on the London Underground service to and from Amersham, Chesham, and Chalfont & Latimer.  If you are travelling to London by train, please also visit WalkIt (link to to find out the best journey for you on foot. Bucks Carshare (link to is part of the Liftshare network.  You may find someone else carrying out the same journey as you.
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